Monday, November 8, 2010

Maybe I'm just stupid....or desperate

I must be really stupid. Maybe desperate. I missed a lot of work this weekend because I was sick. I still am. Ask me what I'm doing at work? Making up the hours I missed, I'll tell you. The boy was up at six with a very bad stomach ache and stuff coming out of both ends. He was suppose to work today. Me, being the stupid/desperate person I am, decided to take his shift. My mom and sister were suppose to come see Due Date, which I have already seen. Well, they invited me to lunch instead. My sister jumped my case when she found out I was working. This isn't the first time I've taken his shifts and ruined plans with them. I'm still sick. My sister's mad because she thinks I let him walk all over me and also because my body isn't properly recovering. I'll never get better.


Jaime said...

I'm sick too. And being sick is lame. Don't beat yourself up over it. You can't please everyone, and a person gotta work, you know?

Linda said...

everyone's getting sick!
hope you feel better.
you were just being nice and like Jamie said, you were also making up hours. it's all good!
- linda

Pam said...

I do think you need to take care of yourself more, but helping someone out should be a crime. Your sister just may be a little over protective. If it still bothers you big time, I would suggest sitting down with them and taking it out.

Cain said...

Or how about tell them how I said not to work the damn shift and instead stay home. I did not ask you to work the shift at all, I was just going to call in and leave Kiara to her own devices -_-. Seems as if you leaving out information makes me come off as a bad guy sometimes like how you said "When you get this new job I will take your monday shifts" and then get upset at me when I ask you to take said monday shifts...then I stopped and got sick and now still come off as a badguy.

micka said...

From what I understand, she took your shift because she needed money from missing so much work from being sick herself. Having seen Heather while she was sick, I know her stubbornness in the matter. In the blog, it doesn't say you asked her to take you shift, but that she opted to, and someone ELSE construed that into something against you.

The illness you got sounds awful, and I hope you had a swift recovery.