Friday, March 18, 2011

Grace in Small Things

This week:
**the awesome weather we have been having
**being the first one in the fitness center
**working out for a week
**30 Days of Lists
**Last drum class
**Zumba next session :)
**Bellydance costumes!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

30 Days of Lists

I participating in 30 Days of Lists. It's a really neat project. It keeps me journaling and it only take about 5-10 minutes a day. Here are a few pictures of my lists:

I'm looking forward to these things and many more :)

My goals for this weekend :)

I'm enjoying this project and can't wait to see more lists.

Grace in Small Things: Moving Edition

If you don't already know, I moved last Saturday. I now have a place that I call home with two amazing people whom I love.

Here we go:
*we had nice weather
*we have the most amazing friends ever
*we had homemade chili <3
*we also had so good humus
*we got everything moved by 2 pm
*I drove a truck for the first time and loved it :)