Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The day the music went crazy

They announced us. We walk onstage, smiling, ready to rock it. Our music starts then skips two or three times. They can't get the format to work. We have to exit the stage. We have to let two other acts go ahead of us. Cynammon runs to her car and gets her cd. We walk back onstage. This time, Elaine tells the emcee to hold her phone up to the mic because she created a playlist of our music. He does what she tells him, but he keeps moving the mic. We can't hear the base. Scratch that plan. They now try to get the cd to work. We are in place and ready for the music to start. Music starts, we start dancing, music loops over itself and totally skips some parts, or something like that, so we have to dance some things twice and completely cut out others. We finished, strong and proud. I now have a story to tell of my first performance as part of Habbibbi Hips. What a night.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Case of the blahs

I've been really down lately. I'm not sure why or what's going on. It's really getting to me, the not knowing. Maybe I need a vacation? I don't know.

I'm sad that #VEDA is ending soon. I now have a lot of new blogs to read and have made new friends, which is wonderful. I hope we remain friends for a very long time. I think I will continue vlogging. I think we're going to do it once a week when August is over.

Remember how exercising like almost everyday at the beginning of August (if you follow me on Twitter, you know)? Well, I gave up on it. I'm so disappointed in myself for doing that. I just need someone to push me, to kick my butt into gear. I know I can do this. Help!

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Saturday, August 21, 2010


I found out Thursday night that my nanny, or godmother for those of you not from southern Louisiana, is in the hospital. Apparently, she lost feeling in her arms and legs. She can feel when her left arm is touched but not her right. She had to learn to walk all over again. She has fluid around her heart and lungs. I really hope that she gets better. Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated :)

Seeing her in that hospital bed made me sad. I just kept thinking about how hateful she is to my mom, who was the last of her siblings (that she still talks to) to know. When my mom told me about it, I was upset. My mom wad upset because she was the last to know. I felt so awful right then because I now know where I get my "look at me, talk to me, are you mad at me?, be my friend, me, me, me" from.....HER. I'm fighting like hell not to be like that. I don't think my mom's happy. It's because she doesn't have many friends to do things with. That's why she's always asking my sister and I if we want to do stuff. I push myself to do stuff with friends, to get put of the house, even if it's just grocery shopping (which I really need to do lol). I just have one question and am scared of the answer: do we really end up like our parents?

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More about yesterday

Hi. You know me. You watch my vlogs. You read my blog. You follow me on twitter. I thought it would be fun. I said 'what the hell' and dove right in. Yesterdays topic was a tough one. Brought out a lot in everyone. I'm still reeling from it. There's much more I have to say. Here goes.

•I hate feeling excluded, even on the Internet.
•I know I can do better.
•I know there is a better version of myself that wants to come out. Why can't I let her?
•I want to be happy with myself.
•I've watched my mom go through gastric bypass surgery and that scares me. I don't want to end up like that.
•The thought of having children terrifies me.
•I want to be a better blogger and vlogger.
•Why am I always asking for your acceptance?
•Why do I need you to like me?
•Why can't I love myself?

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Just listen

This goes out to everyone, especially my VEDA-ers. Yesterdays topic was hard for everyone. Love you all. I love your face.

I own no rights to this.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My day didn't start off all that great. Work was busy when we opened. I had the "you are annoying me, please go away" look on my face. After taking care of about 3 customers, he walks up to my register. He asks what's wrong, if I'm having a bad day? I tell him that I came into work early and still have work I need to finish. He pays for his items. Tells me he's waiting for a heart transplant. Tells me he hopes I have a better day. All I want to do right then is crawl in a hole and cry. All I can think is 'He's waiting for someone to die so he can live'. I tell him I'll be praying for him. I don't know his name. I pray he gets the heart he needs soon. All my problems seem to so small, insignificant, compared to what he's facing. Live your life like it's your last day. Screw what everyone thinks or says. It's your life. Live it!

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

So, as promised from my dailybooth picture, I'll explain why I'm in a funky mood. To be honest, I really don't feel like part of the blogger community or VEDA, for that matter. It feels like everyone has been friends for a while. They comment on each others vlogs, tweets and the like. They want to plan meetups and road trips. I really do like vlogging Last night was #winetoreach. I was able to get on for about 5 minutes. I'm not sure how it went. I just want to connect with people. I want to feel like part of something bigger. I love social media. I want it to love me back hahaha.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Something good

I know I've been gone a while. Aside from my once a month FemmeWrites (www.femmewrites.com), I haven't written much. I'm trying to change that, thanks to great irl and online friends. On Aug. 2, I came across a tweet by @writetoreach about something called VEDA (Vlogging Every Day in August). Well, I read her post about it and was hooked! I have vlogged about various topics and am loving it. Go search for kissandhug83 (that's me!) on YouTube and watch me make a fool of myself lol.

So, back in June, I posted about the Oasis Gala. That's the studio where I belly dance. Well, a few weeks after that, I received an invite to audition for one of the two troupes they have. It was a closed audition. Ever since my bff, Elaine, started talking about dancing with the troupe Habbibbi Hips, I've wanted to get it. I felt like a fish out of water at the audition but guess what?!?!? I GOT INTO HABBIBBI HIPS!!! Now, I feel like a fish out of water in the troupe. Sometimes I feel so out of place. I know they've been dancing together for a long time. I've only been belly dancing since Sept. of last year. I've never been part of a dance troupe (although, I was in marching band in high school and college).

So, aside from trying to play catch up, learn new routines, trying to figure out costuming, it's been great. I'm glad I have that to escape. I just channel it all through dance. I'm attending my first ever workshop tomorrow. I'm nervous and excited. There's a double veil workshop on Nov. 6th that I'm super excited about. I ordered a matching veil set off of Etsy. I can't wait for it to come in.

I just want to say that I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for.

Hope y'all have a great day/weekend!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Did I really do this to myself?

On the 5th of every month, bloggers from around the world are open to write about rights and issues concerning women. First started by Shine and Marie, we’re hoping to bring a variety of women’s issues to the forefront to make people aware of what’s going on. For the month of August, we’ve chosen to write about Physical and Mental Abuse. Please join us in telling us your stories, thoughts, and ideas on a monthly basis.

He says he loves me. I believe him. He calls sex "mmmmm" and can't say the words period or vagina. We never make love. He just has sex with me. There is no connection there. I don't want it, but I let him do it anyway....because he loves me.

For years, I wished my parents would get a divorce because they would fight so much. I remember one fight really well. My mom pushed my dad down and said "I see...I see who they are loyal to", talking about my sister and I when we went see about him. She even tried to smash the computer with a cast iron skillet. She called me a few days ago, crying, becasue he called her a bitch when they were arguing. Part of me is really sad for her and another part is really angry. I guess I grew up with the "suck it up" attitude. People know I'm a bitch. When I get called that, I own it. I have no other choice. Let them think what they want. Screw them. I want to give that to her. I want her to feel empowered and strong. I want that for her so much.

Growing up, the "N" word was never said in my house. My grandparents would say it because they grew up with that. I never like that word....EVER. My boyfriends family is racist. They say that word all the time. If I ever have children, I don't want to raise them in that environment. I want them to be accepting of everyone.

All I can think is 'Did I really do this to myself?'