Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Case of the blahs

I've been really down lately. I'm not sure why or what's going on. It's really getting to me, the not knowing. Maybe I need a vacation? I don't know.

I'm sad that #VEDA is ending soon. I now have a lot of new blogs to read and have made new friends, which is wonderful. I hope we remain friends for a very long time. I think I will continue vlogging. I think we're going to do it once a week when August is over.

Remember how exercising like almost everyday at the beginning of August (if you follow me on Twitter, you know)? Well, I gave up on it. I'm so disappointed in myself for doing that. I just need someone to push me, to kick my butt into gear. I know I can do this. Help!

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Amber said...

Don't give up! You can do it! I know exercise usually sucks before and during but the best feeling comes when you are done. It is always such an accomplished feeling afterwards and it only gets easier as long as you stay consistent :)

Ups Downs All Arounds said...

Mecury is in retrograde, so that may be affecting your mood. You are doing wonderful with your blog and veda.

Focus on your accomplishments and the positive. I know you have it in you.

Also, you have plenty of support. You have my phone number and you are more than welcome to text/call anytime.

Keep your head up! BIG HUGS!

Linda said...

i'm definitely not an exerciser but i know if you're feeling blue, exercise helps.