Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The day the music went crazy

They announced us. We walk onstage, smiling, ready to rock it. Our music starts then skips two or three times. They can't get the format to work. We have to exit the stage. We have to let two other acts go ahead of us. Cynammon runs to her car and gets her cd. We walk back onstage. This time, Elaine tells the emcee to hold her phone up to the mic because she created a playlist of our music. He does what she tells him, but he keeps moving the mic. We can't hear the base. Scratch that plan. They now try to get the cd to work. We are in place and ready for the music to start. Music starts, we start dancing, music loops over itself and totally skips some parts, or something like that, so we have to dance some things twice and completely cut out others. We finished, strong and proud. I now have a story to tell of my first performance as part of Habbibbi Hips. What a night.

Location:Doucet Rd,Lafayette,United States

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