Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Maybe I'll get it one day

Yesterday, the suggested topic was to write about a piece of jewelry that was important to you and the story behind that. Well, I'm going to write about that but not. See, I don't own the piece of jewelry I'm talking about. I've never even seen it. But, it's still special to me.

The year I was going to turn thirteen, my maw maw, my mom's mom, passed away. Oh, from those of you not from southern Louisiana, maw maw is what you would call your grandmother. Well, my birthday is in June. She passed away in January. I remember talking to her maybe about a were before she passed, and she told me she was going to get me a silver ring with my birthstone in it (pearl, I think). I was excited because she was going to buy it for. She said it signified me becoming a teenager or something like that. When she passed away, all I could think about was that ring and how I would never receive it. I don't tell many people about this. The ring has since become a symbol of my maw maw's love for me. Every time I think about it, I think about her. Hopefully, some day, I'll get that ring.


Linda said...

i think you should definitely get that ring.

- linda

Pam said...

You should get one. Something simple, yet beautiful, that reflects your grandmother.

Heather said...

One day, I hope to