Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wow, it's Wednesday

So, first things first: Cain recieved a text from Ben (the roomate) today, telling him that he was moving all his stiff out today, but leaving the guinea pigs for now because he didn't have a truck. What a dick head. Cain knew Ben wasn't going to stay long but a month after they moved there?!?!?! That just blows my mind. I don't get it. I feel bad because now Cain has to pay lot rent plus trailer note. Cain knows I won't move because I signed my lease a month ago. I really want to stay there for the year anyway. My own space and everything. Cain is such a better person than I am. He's laid back and takes things as they come. I'm ready to call up Ben and curse him out. He didn't give Cain any warning. That makes me mad.

Second: movies need to start coming out on Friday, NOT Wednesday. It's so busy during the day. It sucks.

We are going watch Ice Age tonight.

That is all for now. How is everyone doing?


Pam said...

Hey girl!! I like the new title, but you need to get it to show up on you header. Need help with that?

Anyway, that sucks about Cain's roommate. I've had that happen before. They moved out while I was in class and I have also moved their stuff out for them. (Long story). I know how you feel. However, cursing them out will only make you feel better for a short time, but make you angrier later. Just let it go and karma has a way of getting back to people.

Heather said...

I thought it was showing up?

Yeah, it makes me mad because things could be easier for Cain and I. I've let it go. He will get his, I know it.