Monday, July 20, 2009

Crazy Monday

Dude, I'm not sure how much longer I can take it at the vet. Those people are driving my crazy. Seriously. I hate wakeing up and going there in the morning. People don't know what it is to hear 'NO' there. They are spolied and think that they are our number one priority. They think the customer is always right. WRONG! SORRY! That is so not even true. Take today, for example. One of our bitchest, horribly rude, looks like leather client's sister called about three times, the first two hanging up and not speaking. When she does get on the phone, she bithces the girl that answers the phone out, saying that her sister (our client) had been trying to call all morning. Not even true. We were busy all morning (it's Monday...always crazy) but never once did this lady call. We checked the caller ID. She's one of those clients you know not to do or say anything around because she will turn around and tell on you. Apparently, she called one day (doesn't remember when) and whomever answered the phone (before they put her one hold) said 'It's *insert client's name here*, AGAIN'. She said I did it. Dude, there is NO WAY I WOULD EVER DO THAT TO ANY ONE OF OUR CLIENTS. I'm the one that's scared clients will get hung up on so I make sure the phone is on hold before I put it down. I'm just so tired of being stressed at work. There is so much drama. I hate it. I just can't work like this. I was told, as the receptionist, you will be blamed for everything. Who can work like that?


Anonymous said...

Erm...that's some horrible circumstance, I'd say

Heather said...

They haven't talked to me yet so I'm not sure what's going on.

I'm not sure where to begin looking for a job.