Sunday, July 12, 2009

Maybe better

Things are okay. Not really feeling all that great but better than I was. I think I want to start a cooking and book reviewing blog. I'm still waiting for my books to come in. I ordered 4 books and a cd last week from Amazon. The cd came in :-) It's BoA's first English CD. Totally rocks. Still waiting for the books to come in. I'm part of Blogging Bookworm. We are suppose to start reading this book tomorrow. It still hasn't come in. I just ordered all the Harry Potter books hardcover :-D YAY!! I also had to order a new phone charger because Trunks chewed the old one.

I can handle ordering presents from people online and waiting for them to come in. I CAN'T handle ordering stuff for myself, especially books haha. Then why do you do it, you ask? Because it's cheaper online. These days, everyone's looking for a deal. I just wish they would get here faster lol.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great day! How was everyone's weekend?

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