Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It just keeps coming

Man, I had this great post set up for today until something else came up.

I guess I'll get to what I wanted to talk about tomorrow.

Now, on to my story about what happened tonight at the mall...yeah, you heard me...the mall.

Victoria Secret, to be exact.

M came into town this weekend, and we all had a great time hanging out on Saturday. During the day, we went to the mall and shopped. I even bought stuff!! That never happens. I really needed bras so I bought two from Victria Secret. I tried them on at the store and they seemed to fit. I wore one to work last night. Bad idea. It ended up being too small. I kept having to fix it all night. So annoying!!

After work today, I figured I was going to return them and get a bigger size. I went back to Victoria Secret and asked to be fitted. The sales associate called someone else to help me because she was busy doing something else. I told the lady that did help me that I needed to be fitted. She then asked what size I thought I wore. I told her that the bra I had on was a 36DD. She looked at me and said they didn't carry any larger than that size in the store. She didn't offer any more help than that, not even the fitting I asked for. She didn't really seem to even want to help me. I got my refund and left the store. I went back to my car, after getting food, and cried. Just what I needed. So, I have no new bras, which I deperatly need, and still have no idea what size I am. I tried using the tape measurer but that didn't seem to come out right; there's no way I'm a B and my bust measured 41"...yeah, great.

Any advice on what to do?? I really need a new bra, like now!

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