Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back to me

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. The Saints winning the Super Bowl just means great things are going to happen. One being I'm going to stick with this haha. Yeah, great things are going to happen.

On another note......

The weather down here is just down right ridiculous. Really???? It has to be cold, wet and rainy with a chance of sleet/snow??? Thanks, Mother Nature. That's just wrong to do to people in the south. I wish I were home right now. Instead, I'm at work. I like that I can post from anywhere, though.

For those of you who read this regularly (yay for you!!), I slept at my apartment last night!! I know that sounds silly to you, but it's sort of a big deal for me. When I moved into my apartment, I had full intentions of living there by myself, being me, doing my own thing. Well, that didn't work out like I had hoped. I started spending more and more time at the boyfriends house. It was just like I lived there. Wait, don't you have your own apartment, with your own bills and things, you ask??? Yeah, I do. I think I've gotten through to myself that I need to live at my place, that I don't need to be with him 24/7. I need to get back to me.

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