Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Putting it all out there

I may want to commit Internet suicide after this, but it's something I feel I have to do.

One of my favorite bloggers,Muppet Soul, came back to blogging this week. I have missed her so freaking much. She is a great writter. She makes me laugh. I want to write like her. This leads to me someone else.

Another of my favorite bloggers, LiLu, wrote a great post on her blog about finding your own voice. I need to do that. I also need to go like Muppet and write everyday!!! EVERYDAY!!!

Here comes the Internet suicide part:

I had to renew my bar card (city and state) by the end of the month. So, yesterday morning, my friend and I decide to go before work to get it out the way. We pay and get to the office fairly quickly, no problem. I just happen to get the lady processor this morning. She's going over all of my information and we're chatting like old friends. Man, could I be more wrong. Three things happen that ruin my day.
First, she tells me I can take the class this Thursday and won't have to worry about it for another four years, that hopefully I won't have to ever take it again. Thank you so freaking much, lady I've known for all of 5 minutes, to point out that I'm 26 and still work at the same damn place after four years. I let that go.
Second, she comments on my weight. She say's "Wait, you were 162 (that's A state card says 152. Wanna see???) the last time you came in here." My current weight is 180 (INTERNET SUICIDE). I wanted to jump across the desk and beat her. I played that one off as having eating out a lot with my boyfriend (which is more than true....I'll save that for other time)
Third, I woke up about 39 minutes before I was suppose to meet my friend this AM. That doesn't leave much time to look fabulously picture ready. I thought I didn't look that bad; I managed to run my fingers through my hair and pinch my cheeks. When it comes time for the picture part, I thought she was going to ask me to get in front of the camera as cheese it up. Boy, was I dead wrong. Instead, she asks if I want to just reprint my picture because I don't look that much different than I did in the last one. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Thank you lady, for ruining what very little self esteem I had. Thank you.

This just keeps getting better.

Monday, I had to shopping for black pants (we switching to them for work). I tried dying my kahki pants black and it didn't work :-( I HATE shopping. I'm short, fat and have big hips and boobs. Yeah, that makes for a great shopping experience. Let me tell you. Anyway, back to the black pants. We ended up going to Goodwil because we are broke (in other words, we make nothing at our job, but hey, we're lucky to have one, right?) We search through all the black pants and each find a pair that fit and I get two "boobie shirts", as my friend calls them. I put them on today for work and have been uncomfortable all day. They fit great in the hip and thigh area (my problem area). Problem is they about two inches from my boobs and ride up a little in the crotch. Great.

My stomach hurt all morning. It sucked. After I used the bathroom, though, I felt better. I need to start drinking more water. My mom always told me: drink clear, pee clear. It's always worked for me. Has your mom ever told you stuff like that?


Pam said...

Well, that lady just sucks majorly! As for the voice and what not, I think you should write almost everyday (M-F kind of thing). Also look at how others write and if you like it apply it to your own style, altering, and adding, and eventually you have your own wonderful unique space.

(and you are so not committing internet suicide. It could be totally worse.

Heather said...

Thanks, Pam :-) I really want to get more readers and followers. I think if I start writing everyday, it will help me find mt own voice/space.