Thursday, January 28, 2010

Case of the blahs....

I feel more accomplished today than I have in a while.

I bought two pair of black pants that actually fit (YAY!!!!), registered for my cable hat class at the Yarn Nook, as well as signed up with Kim for a shirt for the upcoming breast cancer walk.

All was well until I realized I only had 15 minutes to get to my bar card class (I'm the one that is always 15 moniytes early for everything....if I'm not going with Cain lol). So, I speed across town with 2 minutes to spare! Turns out the instructor locked the door. Dude, we have two minutes...let us in. So he did. I eneded up sitting by some really cool guy named Ryan. He's now my friend on Twitter. It's his birthday today!

I am now legally allowed to sell alcochol in the state of Louisiana another 4 years and in city of Lafayette for another 2....ya know, if I'm still here (see yesterdays post if you're confused). Woohoo!!! Gotta love those laws, baby!

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