Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Something we all need to do

So, I'm at work reading O, The Oprah Magazine when I came to the very
last page entitled 'This I Know for Sure.' All throughout the
magazine, she has articles about decluttering and cleaning up your
life/job/home, ect. No joke, there's a lady that has over $30,000
worth of beauty products and supplies.....just crazy!!!

One of the things she talks about on this page is your relationship to
yourself, to others and to your emotional life. Basically, make
decisions that are good for you, don't have people in your life that
bring you down and have patterns in your life that serve you. Out with
the old, in with the new, as the old saying goes.

I look at this list, as well as at my life, and want to put them into
practice. I just can't help but think I'll be lonley. I keep coming
back to this and it makes me mad. Why should I live this way?

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