Saturday, April 11, 2009


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I think this is the next tattoo I want to get. I'm not sure about the fist in the middle yet. I want to get it on my ribs. Maybe on both sides. I would want it in pink because I like that color. What are your feelings on tattoo's and body modification? I recently stumbled upon my dear friend Amy's blog about the subject she kept two years ago. It looks like it was for a class or a project. I think I want this one too Posted a link to her body blog, as I like to call it. That specific link is to another tattoo I'm thinking about getting.

Oh, great news. All I have to do it turn in a 30 day notice at current apartment and Kelly, the lady who helped me with everything at Bridgeway, said she could get me approved there! So basically, I HAVE THE APARTMENT!! It made me a little sad though, to think that I have to move and don't want to. Everyone says I'm going to like it though. I think I am too, I just have to give it time. Now, it's on to packing!! This is where my sister and friends come in LOL.


Pam said...

Hold up... You have a tattoo? When? Where? How? And Where was I?

I want a tattoo really bad, but I hate nettles. However, I think I would get over it so I can get one.

I like it! Especially in pink!

Jeney said...

Personally I feel that this body is just on loan for the time being and I might as well enjoy it while I can.

Hence, I now have nine tattoos.

I think your idea is great. I defintely want to see once you get it!

Amy said...

Yeah, the blog was for a class. but I did enjoy writing it. Get a tattoo! It'll be awesome. Shoot me an email and let me know what is going on in your life.