Saturday, August 22, 2009

Maybe this is the turn around

Introducing the new me:

Don't I look fabulous?!?!?!!! LOL

My hair has not looked that way since I cut it, which was a week and a half ago lol.

Anyway, life was busy for a few weeks with Monica moving to Oklahoma and all. We made it a weekend affair. She left this past Tuesday. Last Saturday, we went to the casino. It was fun but man, am I glad Frankie came. It was all couples. I lost $20 and had a blast dancing to good music. Sunday, Frankie and I were suppose to take pictures around town. That was postponed due to nasty clouds followed by rain. We had lunch then the ladies and I headed to BR for the most amazing Chinese EVER: P.F. Changs :-) After the amazing Chinese, we headed across the street to Whole Foods for gelato.....yummmm!!!!! Sooooo good. We then headed back home and said our goodbyes. Monday night was our last night together, just the four of us. We had an AMAZING Korean meal provided by Katie, as well as dessert. There are pictures of this coming soon. After Katie's amazing meal, we headed to Fast Eddies to meet up with more friends and free pool. We had so much fun. It was a bittersweet goodbye at the end of the night. On one hand, I was sad to see her go, but on the other hand, I was very excited for her. I know she is enjoying it there, the people are friendly and she likes her class. She's building a life there, which is more than I can say for myself down here.

Any advice on where I should go for vacation?

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