Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting to know you

I got this idea from Pam!. It's such a good idea and a great way to get to know my audience so go for it!

1.When did you first discover blogging?
2. What is the first blog you remember reading?
3. Why do you blog (and how often)?
4. How often do you read others' blogs (and how many do you follow)?
5. What did you do before blogging?

I'll be first! Here are my answers:
1.It was about 5 years ago. I had a blog before then that was deleted because my parents found out. Long story.....good topic for a future post LOL!
2. I think it was someone on LiveJournal's. Yeah, I have two blogs
3. I don't blog often enough. I know I need to change that. Again, another great post.
4. I read just about every day. I follow most of what I read. I love hearing what people have to say and what's going on out there.
5. I really don't know. I tried keeping a journal. I started one last year and wrote in it everyday for a while (that was my goal) but somewhere along the way, all of them seem to get lost or forgotten.

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