Saturday, October 9, 2010

Something different

So, I've been thinking for a while now about buying my win domain and starting over with my blog. I really want to learn web design and experiment with it on my site. If I do this, I don't think I'll transfer my old blog to the new one. I want this new blog to really be about me. I would also like it to house my hopefully-one-day craft shop.

The problem I'm facing right now is decided who to go with for hosting as well as finding a domain name. I don't want future employers to find this and not hire me (same goes with grad schools).

So, any advice? Suggestions? Help?


Pam said...

I would say go with wordpress to host it, because it is really easy to use. I would ask Rachie Ann (the one who did my site) for a design. She does really good work.

For a domain, that is really hard. It is really up to what you like and feel comfortable with.

Kyla Roma said...

I would recommend wordpress as well, and I'm happy to talk blog with you if you're wanting to learn design :)

Choosing a domain name is the hardest! I wish I could change mine- I would recommend against using a name :)

Heather said...

@Pam- I'm having the hardest time coming up with a domain name. Everyone is suggesting Thoughts?

@Kyla- That would be so wonderful. I'm a novice when it conned to web design. I know nothing lol. Everyone is raving about how wonderful wordpress is so I think they win haha.